HPG Launches Natrol (lactoferrin 100mg), Adopted in The Management Protocol for COVID-19 Patients of Ministry of Health & Population

HPG has launched Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg), responding to the claim of Ministry of Health & Population in Egypt to increase the production of the drugs used in the treatment of COVID-19, specially the immune-modifying drugs.


Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg) has an effective role in the treatment & prevention of COVID-19 through:

– The prevention of viral replication and spread in body cells. In addition to a direct role against the virus because it’s related to the virus receptors in respiratory system

– It contains the main factor of increasing the immunity level

– The prevention of free radicals spread and so the infection possibility

– Modulating the level of serum ferritin in blood

– Decreasing the level of IL6 as an anti-inflammatory

– Increasing the percentage of hemoglobin with 2 grams per deciliter monthly so it’s considered as a treatment for anemia.


Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg) is originally a natural protein extracted from cow’s milk and currently available in sachets contains “powder”. HPG has launched a pack contains 30 sachets and also another one contains 10 sachets.

The dose for COVID-19 patient is 4 sachets of Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg) a day for 1 week and the dosage for prevention is 1 sachet every 12 hours. In addition it’s safe for pregnant women & children and the dosage for each is 1 sachet a day.

HPG is currently allocating Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg) in the distribution companies and the pharmacies all over Egypt.