Tirofiban is a reversible, competitive inhibitor of GP IIb/IIIa receptors, exerting its effects via the prevention of the binding of activated platelets and fibrinogen, resulting in the inhibition of the last common step of thrombi formation.



Tirofiban is used to prevent blood clots or heart attack in:

  • NSTEMI/UA patients for medical stabilization either medically managed or undergoing PCI
  • STEMI and NSTEMI patients during PCI for bailout situation or thrombotic complications



  • Dosage for Medical stabilization of NSTEMI/UA patients either undergoing PCI or Medically managed:

Rotagrreste 0.4 μg per kilogram per minute for 30 minutes, followed by an infusion of 0.1 μg per kilogram per minute

  • For Bailout situation of Thrombotic complications:

Bolus 25 μg/kg over 3 minutes, followed by infusion 0.15 μg/kg/min for 18 Hours