Pitavastatin 1,2&4 mg is an HMG-CoA reductase enzyme inhibitor which inhibits synthesis of Cholesterol in the body which result in reduction of LDL-c level in the body also it reduce level of Triglycerides and increase level of beneficial HDL-c

Pitavastatin is a unique statin with unique structure (it contains cyclopropyl moiety) which results in:

  • Unique effect on Lipid profile of patients (LDL-c reduction up to 50% , Triglycerides reduction up to 23% and increase HDL-c by 24% )
  • Highest bioavailability with the lowest effective dose
  • Minimal drug –drug interaction and drug food interaction with minimal side effects



Dyslipidemia either primary or secondary.


According to risk category of patients and his target LDL-c Pivastalo 1,2 or 4 mg is prescribed once per day at any time with or without food.