Neutri-soft Cream


for topical treatment
-Dry Skin
-Eczema(Atopic Dermatitis)
-Contact Dermatitis
-Nipple Fissures

How it works:

Neutri-Soft is Natural formula that ensure protection of skin, offering a
Moisturizing effect and , prevent dryness.
Dexapanthenol :
-Is converted in tissues to pantothenic acid, a component of coenzyme A. Coenzyme A catalyses early steps in the synthesis of fatty acids and sphingo lipids which are of crucial importance for stratum corneum lipid bilayers and cell membrane integrity.
-Works as a humectant, by infusing water in the cells, retaining moisture deep within the skins.
Mineral Oil :
Working as Occlusive layer, preventing evaporation of the water from skin

How to use:

Apply once or twice daily.


Active Ingredients Function Concentration
dexa panthenol anti inflammatory 5%
mineral oil anti inflammatory 10%
thyme oil antioxidant 0.50%
vitamin E moisturizer 0.3%