FORA Comfort Plus G30a


1) Identifying blood sugar levels that are high or low

2) Monitoring the effect of diabetes medications on blood sugar levels

3) Judging how well you’re reaching overall treatment goals

4) Understanding how diet and exercise affect blood sugar levels

How it works:

Measures the blood glucose level.

How to use:

1) Insert a test strip to turn on the meter. The sequence of LCD displays is: “CHK”.
2) Hold the pre-set lancing device firmly against the puncture site. Press the release button to obtain a drop of blood.
3) While blood drop is flashing on the display, touch the absorbent hole on the tip of the test strip to the drop of blood until the confirmation window is completely filled.
4) After the meter counts to 0, your test result will appear along with the date and time and will be automatically stored in memory.
5) Eject the used test strip. Dispose of the used strip and lancet safely.