Effective, scientifically proven cooling for the relief from sprains, strains, joint, foot, muscle pain, and pain associated with arthritis.
Can also be used during pregnancy for muscular back pain.


How it works:

Drug-free Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Spray works rapidly, and like ice, provides effective, soothing, penetrating cooling pain relief to the affected or swollen area.
Cooling therapy can decrease blood flow to the affected area and may help minimize damage.


How to use:

Apply 3 to 4 times daily , 15 cm far from the site of infection


Active Ingredients Function Concentration
Pentane Propellant/Cooling Agent 45.0
Drivosol 35A (Butane) Propellant/Cooling Agent 45.0
Denatured Ethanol Solvent 9.0
Levomenthol Fragrance 1.0