As pioneer in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Egypt and also as a corporate puts patient’s health a first priority, especially women’s health, it’s one of our social responsibilities to engage and take a part in worldwide events and awareness campaigns.


On  Monday, 8th of March, 2021, the world was celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 & so do we at HPG.

Like the last year, HPGers have taken a part supporting our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, colleagues & all women around us in their day by taking a photo while doing the pose of International Women’s Day to show your support to them.


Photos are shared to our social media channels with hashtags #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 .

HPG has launched Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg), responding to the claim of Ministry of Health & Population in Egypt to increase the production of the drugs used in the treatment of COVID-19, specially the immune-modifying drugs.


Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg) has an effective role in the treatment & prevention of COVID-19 through:

– The prevention of viral replication and spread in body cells. In addition to a direct role against the virus because it’s related to the virus receptors in respiratory system

– It contains the main factor of increasing the immunity level

– The prevention of free radicals spread and so the infection possibility

– Modulating the level of serum ferritin in blood

– Decreasing the level of IL6 as an anti-inflammatory

– Increasing the percentage of hemoglobin with 2 grams per deciliter monthly so it’s considered as a treatment for anemia.


Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg) is originally a natural protein extracted from cow’s milk and currently available in sachets contains “powder”. HPG has launched a pack contains 30 sachets and also another one contains 10 sachets.

The dose for COVID-19 patient is 4 sachets of Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg) a day for 1 week and the dosage for prevention is 1 sachet every 12 hours. In addition it’s safe for pregnant women & children and the dosage for each is 1 sachet a day.

HPG is currently allocating Natrol (lactoferrin 100 mg) in the distribution companies and the pharmacies all over Egypt.

HEYA Masrya is meant to provide full support for talented Egyptian women’s projects through becoming their primary branding over the social media and verification body.

Similarly, HPG has a role to do and responsibility towards Egyptian women since our vice-president, Dr. Dina Tag El Dien, believes that women deserve more support and care. So, HPG participated in HEYA Masrya as the main sponsor and also presented gifts as an appreciation for the mothers chosen to be honored in the event for their efforts.

It was a pleasure for HPG to be a part of this great event.

The first and biggest conference for mothers in Egypt was held on Friday, 15th of November in Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo Hotel with the participation of HPG.

As it’s necessary for us to get closer to mothers, know more about their needs so we can meet them, collecting their feedback and answering their queries, HPG decided to take a part in Meet The Experts not only as a sponsor, but also offered a 15 minutes speech about some of the daily issues that all of us might face on daily basis, not only mothers, and the solutions that HPG offered for those issues as a pharmaceutical company puts patient’s health a first priority.

It was an honor for HPG to participate in such a great conference.

The 35th Annual Congress of Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University (7th International Congress) was held under the name of “Reality & Ambition in Advanced Medicine” with the participation of HPG.

HPG has taken a part in the congress with 2 of hits products AlfaBonid & Granitryl.

The 24th Scientific Congress of Sports Medicine (Role of Modern Sports Medicine in Scientific Selection and Improvement of Handball System) was held in InterContinental Cairo Semiramis Hotel on Friday, 31st of January, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Iraqi, Prof. Dr. Hosny Abd El Rahman, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Abd El Aziz and more.

The congress was exclusively sponsored by HPG and 4 of its brands DEEP FREEZE, DEEP HEAT, JONMERA, and Lornicam Rapid, in coordination with Egyptian Sports Medicine Union, Medical Committee of Egyptian & Arabian Handball Union and International Federation of Handball.


Watch the highlights in the following video,

We, at HPG, believe we are all smaller parts of something bigger. Our individual actions, behaviors, and decisions affects our larger society.

Supporting women is not only a cause of women but all of us and so celebrating International Woman’s Day.

On the 8th of March, employees from different departments at HPG have gathered and taken a photo with #EachforEqual pose to celebrate International Woman’s Day.

Together, we can make change happen. Together, we can EACH help to create a gender writing essay EQUAL world!

Organized and sponsored by The League of Arab States, The International Congress of Sports Injuries & Nutrition was held in Helnan Dreamland Hotel & Conference Center from on Thursday & Friday, 5th & 6th of March, 2020 with the participation of HPG by 4 brands, DEEP HEAT, DEEP HEAT, JONMERA & Lornicam Rapid.

HPG continues taking the opportunities to engage more with doctors and strengthen their relationships with them.

Offering healthcare for all is the priority of HPG even the difficult times.

Accordingly, HPG has launched an initiation “Consult A Doctor Online” in coordination with doctors from different medical specialties through the corporate Facebook page to support the patients as much as possible because too many patients are suffering and seeking medical advice while it’s risky to visit the hospital nowadays because of the outbreak of Coronavirus and also according to the night curfew.

The online clinic of HPG Facebook page contains doctors from different medical specialties including Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Cardiovascular, Chest, Dermatology, ENT, Psychiatry & more.

At the same time, some doctors decided to go for an extra mile to serve the patients by Going Live on the page or by making a video to answer the frequently asked questions of patients.

Visit our Facebook Page to know more about the initiation.

As known, Supporting Day Labour is a Social Responsibility, HPG has donated to support the families of 1000 day labour workers whose been negatively affected more than any other criteria of workers, due to the depression of the economic status as several companies have stopped all the works indefinitely after Coronavirus outbreak.

With this donation, HPG has become the 1st Egyptian pharmaceutical company donates to support Day Labour and passes the challenge to the other pharmaceutical companies.

This comes as one of the several social responsibilities of HPG.