District Manager (for Dakahlia, Sharqia & Damietta)

  • Dakahlia, Sharqia & Damietta

HPG is hiring a district manager to direct all activities required to achieve district goals, including sales and profit objectives, client service, human capital investment and retention, payroll and operating expenses, loss prevention, and merchandise presentation.

Job Description :

Management of Team:-

– To objectively evaluate and positively support the performance and progress of each M.R

– To agree defined business plans with each M.R, reviewing progress at least on weekly basis and ensuring that when appropriate, support, guidance and instructions are provided.

– To ensure that M.R follow company regulations in the execution of their duties: –

– Brick analysis and doctor selection

– Updating of doctor databases

– Recording of sales versus activity data

– Maintenance of stationary stocks & marketing materials

– To ensure that all personnel sales are under his / her responsibility.

– Plan, execute, analyze and record all calls and meetings.

– To ensure that all M.R are accompanied in the field through double visits on a regular basis and this comply with the standards formally communicated by the sales manager.

To ensure excellent control and follow up M.R visits plans.

-Ensures that company cars are always in a proper condition (maintenance, cleanliness & repair)


Personal Responsibilities:

  • To maintain regular personal contacts with key opinion leaders.
  • To ensure regular visits for vacant areas
  • To ensure regular outstation coverage

–    To ensure implementing the activities as forecasted

– To ensure maximum communication with marketing department so as to guarantee the success of each product goal.


Training & Development Responsibilities:

  • To observe, assess and improve the level of planning, selling skills, reporting and product knowledge of each M.R.
  • To identify those M.R whose performance, attitude and ability are outstanding so that to be considered in career development program.
  • to ensure that in case of those M.R whose general level of performance is unsatisfactory , the N.S.M has to be informed so as formal disciplinary  actions could be taken
  • To ensure that each M.R receives a formal annual appraisal including the specific training needs.


Administration Responsibilities:

  • To submit at the end of each month, a comprehensive regional report and feedback to the N.S.M.
  • To ensure that all M.R administration and reporting documentation are received on time.
  • To receive the monthly expenses from each M.R and once cheeked and approved to be delivered to the B.U.M.
  • To maintain comprehensive records of territory and regional contact rates.
  • To ensure the maintenance and regular updating of regional and territories sales graphs.

Qualification :

  • Mansoura residents are preferred
  • Hold a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy, Science , Vet or Dentistry
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Experience with computers and/or typing and other clerical work
  • Medical background related exposure through schooling or work experience to understand resource terminology
  • Administrative and organizational skills
  • Willingness to work outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Willingness to learn and advance education through attending training workshops and meetings
  • For travel involved in job, ability to be away from home occasionally overnight and for longer than normal workday; valid driver’s license required
  • Become able to accurately explain the goals, objectives, policies and programs of the Conservation District, as well as its function and responsibilities as dictated by state law
  • Ability to work independently

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