Our Mission

 To be the future of healthcare dedicated to improving the lives and health of people with serious diseases, providing safe and reliable pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.

Our Vision

To go beyond healthcare and become the pharmaceutical company of choice for healthcare professionals, business and patients in Africa & MENA regions, recognized for innovative drug manufacture, commitment to integrity and always making healthcare a priority.


When I sit down to write these words, I reflect on the years that have passed, and it often feels like a distant memory.

By nature, I focus on what lies ahead, but right now it’s not easy to draw that distinction between years. I am deeply honored to be HPG’s board chairman, the umbrella for a group of companies that have been trusted partners, customers, members and patients for as long as 25 years.

I want to express my deep admiration to all the employees inside HPG, who have helped us for 25 years, those who have been an inspiration during our ups and downs.

Finally, the board, the employees of HPG and its affiliates remain committed to our mission, vision and to the community that we serve. The coming years will be an exciting time as we continue to chart a new future while delivering on our commitment.