who we are ?

HPG is one of the pioneers in the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt, aims to provide optimal and integrated healthcare solutions from A to Z including drug manufacturing, medical devices & equipment, and also a pharmacy chain.

Chairman’s Message

Dr. Yasser Hefny, the mastermind behind the success of HPG, has planted the seed in 1998 when the 1st branch of Yasser Hefny Pharmacies was established. The idea of HPG has come from a simple question “Why don’t we have an Egyptian company offers pharmaceutical and healthcare products and services from A to Z to fulfill the needs of patients with premium quality and affordable prices?” Nine years later, in 2005, the dream has come true and Dr. Yasser has finally succeeded to found HPG. Over the years, HPG has grown too fast to become one of the pioneers in the pharmaceutical industries in Egypt.


Our Mission

To be the top ranking pharmaceutical & medical company that provides premium quality products & services for both patients and healthcare professionals in Africa and MENA regions by the end of 2025.

Our Vision

To improve the quality-of-life of patients by providing premium quality pharmaceutical products and services at affordable prices.

Beyond Healthcare

It’s a long journey with ups and downs since we born till we grow up and become old. No one has succeeded to complete the journey without support, love and good health. Our role is to guarantee offering healthcare for all, no matter the patient’s age or gender. Beyond the good health we provide for our patients, there are more than 1,500 HPGer working around the clock to provide the optimal healthcare.

Our Business

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Aims towards better health for patients through providing premium quality medicines with affordable prices for all healthcare professionals.



Was founded in 2005 by Dr. Yasser Hefny specially to fulfill the needs of patients in the Egyptian market with premium quality medicines.


Yasser Hefny Pharmacies

Our pharmacy chain, Yasser Hefny Pharmacies, is owned and managed by HPG. A success story that has begun with one pharmacy in 1998.



Distribution Channels :

To make sure our healthcare products & services are being delivered all over Egypt, HPG has its own distribution system with a great number of vans covering all governorates. We are also dealing with the largest drug distributors to make our products available in all pharmacies in the governorates.

Warehousing :

HPG has 20 warehouses, 3 of them are main, subjects to all the standards of Good Warehousing Practice (GWP) such as illumination, ventilation, temperature, sanitation, humidity, space between equipment, security and more. The warehouses have several areas for different storing conditions and stages such as storing materials, semi-finished products, and finished products.

HPG History

  • 1998

    The foundation of the 1st branch of our Pharmacy Chain, Yasser Hefny Pharmacies, and the seed of Hefny Pharma Group.

  • 2005

    EGYPHARMA, the 1st Company under the umbrella of HPG was founded.

R&D Facility

R&D Facility:

Rotabiogen Industrial Facility is owned by HPG, located in The Industrial Zone in 10th of Ramadan City. It’s is currently under construction in compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations enforced by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

As providing premium quality products is our main objective, we always take the optimal quality standards into our consideration in every single stage of the development, material supply, production and storage. Then the approval on each stage according to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations enforced by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the standards of World Health Organization (WHO).